10 helpful blog posts about documentary newborn and family photography

1 – What are documentary family sessions?

During a documentary newborn or family session you’ll go about your day as you normally do, and it is the photographer’s job to observe and take pictures without prompts, posing or intervention.

2 – How documentary sessions differ from lifestyle sessions

To inspire you and me, I asked some family photojournalists from around the globe how they would describe the difference between lifestyle sessions and what they do.

3 – How to get frustration-free family pictures

If you are considering a documentary session for your family, I jotted down 10 things that will help the experience feel effortless.

4 –  Are we too boring for a documentary session?

One of the most common hesitations I hear about families booking a documentary newborn or family session, is that they’re afraid they’ll be too boring. But I really believe real life is more interesting than anything I could come up with to direct.

5 – You aren’t my client – your kids are

When families hire me to freeze a chunk of memories for them, they are really hiring me to protect their kids’ memories.

6 – You can afford your favorite photographer

You might say that our options limit what we can do. YES! But we have to acknowledge that we are still the one making the choice between the options we have.

7 – “We are not very photogenic people”

The most important part about photography is to document you as you are, so that one day you and yours can look back on different times of your life. The people in your life know what you look like, and they won’t care whether or not you looked “photogenic” – they just want to see YOU.

8 – Offering only digital files is a disservice to your family

I know – life just gets in the way of planning photo books and putting together albums. And it’s so easy to look at things from your laptop anyway.

But how much more likely do you think you’d be to look at your pictures if you had them printed in a book, and that book sat on your shelf with a collection of other ones? Or if your favorite pictures would decorate your walls?

Mother breastfeeding newborn baby in hospital bed

9 – Why family photographers share pictures on social media

A respectable photographer would never share a picture to make fun of someone, or to “go viral” at the expense of someone else. Respectable photographers will also only share photographs online that their client is comfortable sharing.

So – what are the reasons for a photographer wanting to share pictures online?

10 – How to write a review or testimonial for your newborn or family photographer

If you want to write a testimonial or review for a photographer, this blog post with ideas on what to include has become super popular.

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