11 gestures I would regret not having photographed

11 – Mom was happy to be baby-wearing for the first time.

Moments with hands and gestures are something I find myself chasing at every session.

Sometimes moments happen so fast that I might miss them, and these are some gestures I would have been really sad to have missed:

1 – Baby Cecilia was brand new, and her parents had their arms around each other while watching her. It felt like one of those I-can’t-believe-we-did-it embraces.

2 – Rhys had been born just an hour earlier. While his mom was drifting off to sleep, she still wanted to be connected to her loves.

3 – Juniper holding her mom’s thumb while nursing.

Mom holding her hands on her face

4 – Sometimes parents just need a second.

5 – Burping baby James – a motion newborn parents are quite familiar with.

6 – I sneak in pictures of parents connecting with each other whenever I can, and as I had all day with this family I was able to find those moments.

7 – Owen stepped in to comfort his baby sister who is not a fan of changing diapers.

Mom, dad and newborn baby hanging out on couch

8 – Newborn sessions are never just about the newborn. They’re about how parents stay connected through the newborn time – and these two were not afraid to show affection towards one another.

9 – I had been with this family for five hours when the oldest kiddo finally interacted with her future baby brother.

10 – Ethan in the careful, protective hands of this dad.

Hands express so much!

They can convey affection, protection, connection. I plan on continuing to hunt for photographs of hands and gestures for as long as families keep inviting me into their lives.

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