8 inspiring street photography accounts on Instagram

Every few months or so I make sure to declutter the Instagram accounts I follow, so that my newsfeed doesn’t get too cluttered with an endless amount of photos to scroll through. Which means that I also get reminded of some of the really cool accounts that I follow – and find new ones to be inspired by until my next declutter.

Street photography was the reason I ventured into photographing real life in family homes – here are some accounts that are inspiring me right now:

Women Street Photographers

For the *longest time*, the street photographers I knew of, the ones being featured and highlighted, were men. It has been amazing to see so many women street photographers celebrated through this account. Gulnara Samoilova, the founder, has organized this lovely community and photographs submitted can be showcased at the Women Street Exhibit.

Candy Sarah

Sarah Choi’s work stands out, because she is particular about the backgrounds she chooses and how she captures people within those backgrounds. I want to start paying more and more attention to my backgrounds.

Friends in Streets

The fun thing about this account is that the photos often showcase human relationships in some way – and I hope to show something universal about human relationships through my work as well.

Moises Levy

Moises Levy’s photographs are so playful, creating these worlds where big is suddenly small or small is suddenly big. And of course I love that he incorporates dogs! I look forward to trying out creating some forced perspective imagery at family beach sessions this summer.

Julia Coddington

Even though black-and-white is my greatest love, there is something about Julia Coddington’s color photography that really draws me in. As color does work better than BW for certain photos, it’s always good to have a few accounts to reference back to.

Dhimpy Bhalotia

I’ve seen Dhimpy Bhalotia’s work featured a couple times here and there, and her black-and-whites are so striking to me. I feel like I am *right there* in the moment, watching what happens. Which reminds me, that I’ve been a bit nervous about getting *real close* during my family session lately – which I’m going to change.

Jennifer Tonetti Spellman

I’ve followed along JTS since she did family photography in homes, and was thrilled to see her venture into street photography. We both happened to participate in street photography workshops by Eric Kim just a few months apart, and I thought it was funny we had similar plans! She has stuck with street photography for a long time now, while I used the lessons from the class more as inspiration for my family photography work.

Women in Street

Bringing this post to full circle, we’re ending with another account that features women street photographers. There is a lot of variety in photos that are featured on this account, which is important as even photos that are out of your style or comfort zone can still spark an idea.

What photography accounts do you love to follow?

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