Hi there,

I’m Jenna – a newborn and family photographer based in San Francisco Bay Area, but born in Finland. I live here with my husband Marcus and the awesomest dog in the world: Australian shepherd Nova.

I am drawn to photograph families where the children are loved unconditionally – through the chaos, the tantrums and the exhaustion. Parenthood is a beautiful, messy and undoubtedly hard journey that is worth celebrating, and remembering. All I want you to worry about during a photo session is to be present with your family.

I worry about kids of today not having tangible memories tomorrow, so I don’t take the responsibility of creating keepsakes for your kids lightly. Even if you are the one footing the bill, I see your kids as my primary client. My job is to make sure that your kiddos have photo books and prints to rummage through when they are older – and to make sure that you are in them.

Documentary photography is so much more than a “style” of photography – it’s an approach to life. A way of being curious, empathetic, and respectful of where you are in life. I truly believe that real is more interesting than perfect.

Warmly, Jenna

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PS: I recently wrote a little book for parents who want to take better pictures of their babies.