That’s me on the right – on a trip to Sweden, visiting one of my bestest friends who just had a baby. I’m so grateful her mom captured this moment for us.


I’m Jenna – a newborn and family photographer based in San Francisco Bay Area, but born in Finland. I live in San Jose with my outdoorsy husband Marcus and smart-but-often-strange Australian shepherd Nova. We don’t have kids, but I aim to make the sort of pictures that I would like to have of my own family some day. I truly believe that real is more interesting than perfect.

I’m an introvert.

Being Finnish means navigating some culture shock now and then, as I’m more quiet compared to the average Californian. I prefer to dive deep and talk about the real stuff, and am quite awkward when it comes to small talk. I stick to plans with friends religiously, no matter how casually the plans may have been mentioned at first.

I understand how it is to feel like you don’t always fit in, or how it is to want a break from the expectations that await outside the door – that’s been me the past six years.

I am often a silent observer during photo sessions, adapting to the mood in the room. It helps me notice small details that will help tell your family’s story.

My pictures are much more about the families I photograph, than about me as the photographer. I don’t leave my mark with props, poses, or lighting setups. I believe that families are enough just as they are, and all families are welcome.

This is Nova.

My husband helped me put together this photo wall display in our living room.

Some tidbits about me

1. More times than I care to admit, my plans for the day revolve around food. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to leave the food culture that exists in the Bay Area.

2. I’m getting more and more conscious about the amount of trash thrown out every single day, which is why I repurpose packing materials when I send families their photo books and pictures.

3. I drive a manual GTI – I love that feeling of control.

4. Going to the beach charges my batteries; I try to go every month with Nova.

5. There’s just nothing better than real paper. I prefer printed magazines and books to all kinds of screen swiping. You can’t exactly stick your face in an iPad to get a sniff of that rich paper smell.

6. People used to say I look like dad when I was younger, but now I see a lot of my mom in pictures of myself.

My-Own-Childhood-San-Jose-Bay-Area-documentary-family-photographer-quadtychMy flower crown obsession seems to have started early in life. However, that is actually my grandma’s dinner table center piece.