Why Photo Albums Work Well For Documentary Family And Newborn Pictures

Most clients that inquire with me tell me that they only want the digital files. But you know what happens when we only have digital files? They stay digital. Eventually they get lost amongst thousands of files, get accidentally deleted, or vanish when your hard drive fails.

How do I know this? Just a few days ago me and a client laughed about how we’ve both been married for a few years and haven’t gotten anything printed from the wedding, because we opted for digitals only. Or when I bought some frames for my office and realized I’m going to have to order some prints as well.

Life just gets in the way – over and over again!

Lately I’ve gotten more and more convinced that one of the best ways to showcase and preserve documentary family and newborn pictures is photo albums. I can build stories from start to finish to tell the story of your day. If you have two sessions a year for example, you can build up a little library of your slices of life.

I worry that the current generation of kids won’t know how it feels to touch and flip through albums. Do you remember what it was like? Isn’t it pretty magical to look through albums from when you were a child?I don’t feel as big of a connection to photos I see on a screen than if I can touch them. Touch someone’s cheek, touch the wet sand, touch the messy-in-the-wind hair.

I’m fairly sure that your iPhone photos from today aren’t going to live on your daughter’s phone when she’s 14. And where will they be when she’s grown up and has kids of her own?

So let me make your session pictures into a book. Because you also want to share pictures online, and maybe make some prints of your own, I include the digital copies of the pictures from the album in your package.

Now, let’s flip through this beach day session together!


“Enjoying life to the fullest, even if it’s just for a moment” – Jennalene, mom of four

If you’d like some tips on how to organize that mass of picture files on your computer, read this blog post.

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