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Recently I got to do a hospital Fresh 48 session for a friend of mine, and I’m so excited to share!

When my friend Julie first tried to tell me, that she was expecting a baby, I totally did not understand. She told me “This is why I had to go home to Scotland this summer!” and pulled up an ultrasound picture on her phone. “Hmm, so she visited someone who is having a baby? Why not visit after they have their baby?” I wondered.

It took me a a bit too many seconds to realize that JULIE was the one expecting!

So of course we planned on taking newborn pictures at the hospital right after birth. We were a bit worried about the timing since the doctor thought Blair might come early, and I was in Hawaii on vacation three weeks before the due date. But, Blair waited for the stars to align and was born on her actual due date.

The staff at Good Samaritan in San Jose is really great about photographers documenting procedures, so we got pictures of the first bath, the footprints, and the nursing advice during our four hours together.

All in all, it was pretty amazing to witness a friend turn into a mom.

Congrats Julie and David!

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