Ideas for celebrating mom on Mother’s Day

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Dads – doing something special for Mother’s Day may sometimes bring about a lot of pressure. But don’t worry, these ideas are here to help:

#1 – A documentary photo session

Of course, the most single amazing thing you can do for mom on Mother’s Day is to hire a photographer to document the traditions in your home. A documentary session is low key, you’ll get pictures that tell the story of your family, and having prints from the day might help your kids shape their own traditions when they become parents.

If you are in the Bay Area, send me an email for more information about sessions. If you’re outside of the Bay Area, you can find a documentary family photographer local to you here.

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#2 – Beach day fun

Beach days may not be for everyone, but for the mom that loves being outdoors, loves letting go, loves letting kids run free – it’s pretty close to perfect.

#3 – Take her to her favorite spot for breakfast

Unless she’s the type that would rather curl up under covers while noshing on a croissant – then do that!

#4 – Take some pictures of her with the kids

Moms tend to be the ones taking the pictures, which means they’re seldom in them. No need to make it a big production – just have them hang out in a spot where light is even and snap away as events unfold in front of you.

You can learn some tricks in my ebook for parents, Unposed Baby Photography – which would also make a fun gift for a new mom!

#5 – Get the kids involved

Kids have the best ideas, so why not ask how they’d want to celebrate mom? The possibilities in their little minds are endless, and even if you can’t fulfill everything they come up with you might get some fresh ideas for what to do.

#6 – Print pictures of mom

Printing pictures of her in them assures that your kids will have tangible memories of her when they grow up, without having to worry what has happened to files stowed on a harddrive somewhere.

For printing some personal pictures, I love Nations Photo Lab’s lustre prints. The print prices are really reasonable for the quality they provide.

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