Dear Photographer Magazine feature in the Black and White issue

This summer one of my photographs was picked for a collection of 20 childhood images in Dear Photographer Magazine’s black-and-white photography issue – so exciting! The featured artists are absolutely amazing and having my picture showcased among theirs is priceless.

Here’s the rest of the 20 featured images:

There really is nothing like seeing my photograph in print, whether that’s up on a client’s wall or in a photography magazine. The exciting part about a magazine feature is that I get to have a printed copy of the photograph without someone wondering why I would keep around prints of someone else’s family – that would be a bit weird. Or would it? It wouldn’t be weird for me, as this is my own work; I took this photograph, and have been able to add it to my ever-growing portfolio. This magazine is so beautifully printed, so I knew that my photo would look really good in its design. My friend thinks that they’ve had it printed from somewhere like Printivity, (learn more here), as she’s had some business catalogs printed from there before and they turned out great too. So, she said she wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case with the magazine. I don’t care how it’s printed, to be honest, but just knowing that I have been printed somewhere makes me happier than words can say.

I’m very excited about this photograph in particular, because not only did the awesome people over at the magazine connect with my not-so-traditional kid “portrait”, but I love that the family picked this picture for their photo book as well.

This is the second time this year that I was featured in the amazing Dear Photographer Magazine – but the Details issue sold out before I found out that it had been published. I’m really bummed I missed the opportunity to have the magazine in print, but now I know to be vigilant when it comes to printed features.

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