A Day In The Life Sessions

“She captured magical moments of my children living their lives; playing together, laughing, crying—moments that I’m usually unaware of or so entrenched in that I don’t get to really see them.” -Alexis

During an A Day In The Life session you’ll go about your day as you normally do, and it is my job as the documentary photographer to observe and take pictures without prompts, posing or intervention. The result will be natural, real and honest photographs that allow you to travel back in time to that little slice of life.

Longer sessions allow time for everyone to fully relax – and almost forget about the camera. They work for everything from a regular day to a vacation adventure day, and last four hours to a full day. If naps are part of the everyday routine, I will capture that too – there is no need to keep the kids up for the entire session.

Packages start at $1,775 for four hours, which includes the session, my travel in the Bay Area, high resolution digital files and a photo book (value of book can be used towards other print products).


Prints + Books

What to expect

How does such a long session work?