Should this moment be documented?

In the documentary family photography world, every now and again the subject of “embarrassing” pictures of kids comes up. Potty time, nursing, baths, tantrums, and fleeting butt-naked around-running moments.

And the question remains – should this be documented? Should this be published online? Will they be embarrassed later in life – will their friends make fun of them in middle school?

The truth is, what kids find and don’t find embarrassing about their daily lives has everything to do with how adults, most often their parents, handle those normal childhood things – and pictures.

If these events are handled as normal everyday things that there is nothing to be embarrassed about, you bet your kiddo will share that attitude.

It is always the parents choice whether or not I post butt-naked pictures on my social media and website. But I would like to encourage parents to still share them and talk about them with their kiddos – so that they will learn how normal, non-embarrassing things all those moments are.

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