Documentary family photography is about holding space for who you are

As more and more families are getting excited about documentary family sessions, a few things need to be emphasized:

Trust that you are enough just as you are

The most important aspect about documentary family photos is to capture who each family member is, how everyone interacts, and in what ways everyone contributes to the family. The best way to capture all of that is to simply let things be – dress as you normally do, do what you’d normally do, and trust that it is enough to create those memories your kids are going to look back at with eyes gleaming and hearts glowing.

Documentary sessions are a judgement-free zone

I hang out with you to capture your life just as it is – and there is zero judgment of how you handle this time in your life right now.

Whether your kiddo is throwing the biggest tantrum ever in aisle 7, or you’ve got your hands too full to change that baby-spit-stained shirt for the fourth time that day, I’m there to capture it with an open mind and heart.

There are zero expectations for how the photos “should” turn out

The sessions are about preserving this time of your family’s life so that you can travel back in time by feeling exactly how those moments felt. This means you don’t need to worry about the house not being tip-top for pictures, or about you having to make an emergency-run to Target while your toddler insists on pairing her Batman shirt with her blue tutu for the occasion.

All real life is fun, interesting, and welcome – and far better than any of us could’ve planned for.

Ultimately documentary family photography is about holding space for who every single member of the family is – without expectations or judgement.

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