Why you want me at your home before you’re “ready”

I’ve recently started practicing a phone-free morning – for the first 30 minutes of my day, I don’t look at my phone. I have a timer set for 30 minutes and I can’t pick my phone up until the timer goes off.

What I’ve noticed is that I have time to hear my own thoughts, to ground myself, and to be in my own little bubble for a while before I start giving away my focus and energy to the outside world. Before I start doing the things I do out of expectations from the outside.

For that same reason, you want me at your house before you’ve “gotten ready”, before you’ve had time to dress the kids, before you’ve cleared out the soaked Cheerios strewn across the breakfast table.

The pictures will be of your family’s bubble – before you’ve done the things you do because of the expectations from the outside world.

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