A documentary family session might be perfect for you if…

The most important part about any type of family photography is to freeze the now, so that some day you and yours can look back at this time in your life later. A documentary newborn or family session might be the perfect fit for you if…

… you feel awkward around cameras

“We were looking for a photographer that would be easy to be around and non-intrusive. I am not good with posing for photos and putting on fake smiles. I wanted to be captured doing ‘us’ rather than doing what we were directed to do, which is why we chose Jenna.”   – Julie, San Jose Fresh 48 session for first baby, and when first baby became a big sister.

… you want to remember a special day

“[Jenna] grabbed some beautiful shots of our older girls loving on their new baby sister. I am so happy to have these memories to share with our girls forever.  She is super talented with candid photos allowing us to just be ourselves which is the easiest for young children. We look forward to having her photograph our family through the years!” – Kaitlyn, San Jose Fresh 48 and family sessions

Naomi's baby details | San Francisco Bay Area documentary newborn photographer

… you want your kids to have memories of their first home

“We’ve moved since our pregnancy and newborn sessions and I’m so happy we have beautiful images of that home now.” – Michaela, San Francisco maternity and newborn sessions

… you want to be present instead of handling a camera

“I would definitely recommend the Fresh 48. You’re never going to be able to go back. The good thing but the bad thing about how we all have cameras in our pocket now is that is that whenever anything happens it’s like ‘Well are you taking photos of this? You need to take photos of this, because we need to remember it!’

What was really nice for me was that I knew that during that time I didn’t need to make sure that we were getting a photo of every possible moment because we were going to have you come in and take care of that for us. That was really liberating for me – I feel like it took a lot of pressure off of what I felt like I had to do during that time.” – Paul, San Jose Fresh 48 and baby session

Bodhi in-home session | San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area documentary newborn and family photographer

… your days already feel too full to fit in a traditional family session

“It was so nice to have photographs in the comfort of our home.  Jenna was the perfect mix of professional and new friend.  She had us go about our regular day (which we were still figuring out!!) and took beautiful photos of moments I didn’t even know would be photo worthy.” – Rachel, San Jose newborn session

… you worry that your family might feel uncomfortable during a session

“I was nervous about what it would be like, not having had a “documentary” style photo shoot before. My biggest fear about the session was feeling uncomfortable or my kids feeling weird. But my kids warmed up to her immediately, and soon we all felt pretty relaxed. My partner is more reserved, but he still enjoyed the session and said good things about it afterwards.” – Katie, Mountain View family sessions

Dara and Anu Oakland in-home session | San Jose San Francisco Bay Area documentary newborn and family photographer

… you want photos that you can’t take yourself

“In this age where cellphones produce excellent quality photos, it’s not difficult to get a nice, posed shot of my children smiling—I can do that any time. Jenna offers something different—the opportunity to see your life as it really is, with beautiful editorially composed shots.” – Alexis, Oakland family session

… you want a fly-on-the-wall type photographer

“Jenna came to photograph our family twice – once in the hospital one hour after our son was born, and then again at our home when he was one week old. In the hospital she was extremely respectful of our time and space to bond as a family without interruption.  We felt completely comfortable being in the moment and didn’t feel like there was a camera present.” Naomi&Sam. Oakland Fresh 48 and newborn session

Faye San Francisco in-home mommy and me session | San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area documentary newborn and family photographer

… you don’t want the hassle of a traditional family portrait session

“I knew I wanted to get photos taken of my daughter when she was born, but being a new mom, it was the last thing on my to-do list. It just seems like so much work to get coordinated outfits and try get Faye to cooperate. When Jenna came over, everything was so calm and low key, I went about my business and she snapped away. What we got were photos that represented who we were.” – Jenna G, San Francisco family session


… you want to capture everyone’s personality – not only what they looked like

“Jenna’s approach of just blending in with our family and capturing candid moments was exactly what we were looking for. The shoot yielded absolutely beautiful shots that show our toddler’s personality and what it feels like to be around her at this age. We will treasure them, and they made perfect holiday gifts for all our family members this year!” – Elise, Mountain View family session

You are raising a family through the long days and the short years – and through documentary family photography I can show you that all of it is worth photographing.

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