What Is A Documentary Fresh 48 Newborn Session?

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What is a documentary Fresh 48 newborn session exactly?

A Fresh 48 newborn session is a session done at the hospital or in-home, within 48 hours of your baby’s birth. If you’re not comfortable enough to have your birth photographed, but still crave pictures of all those little firsts with your baby, a documentary session during the first hours of your baby’s life might be perfect for you.

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“We weren’t sure if we wanted a photographer present during such intimate family moments, but we are so grateful to have such incredible photographs of our first steps together as a family.” – Naomi&Sam

Can the pictures focus on just our newborn?

As important as it is to focus on the newest member of the family, I strongly believe that the parents and the siblings are just as important to document. I recently met up with a family to deliver their photo book from their 3 month session, and we got to talking about pictures they had taken at the hospital. The hospital had an in-house photographer who asked them if they wanted pictures, so they took some of baby Giovanni as well as Gio with his dad. His mom now regrets not getting in those pictures – and you will, too, if you don’t!

What should we do during the session?

I like to say that the documentary newborn sessions go on the baby’s terms – whatever baby needs, that’s what you’ll be focusing on. The pictures capture you discovering those squishy baby cheeks, siblings meeting the little one, grandparents watching over them ever-so-proudly, or a rebellious foot stubbornly kicking out of the swaddle every. single. time.

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Would a documentary newborn session at the hospital suit us?

If you feel uncomfortable posing for a camera, and want real moments as memories to pass on to your kiddos and grandkiddos, this might be something for you. Documentary newborn photography isn’t a style – it’s an approach that allows you to simply be in the moment, enjoy your new baby, and be yourself. No need for makeup or fancy clothes – and no need to pretend you aren’t exhausted.

Charlie's Fresh 48 Session | San Francisco Bay Area natural baby photographer

“We were excited to be able to capture his first moments afar returning home from the hospital. The best part about the session was that we didn’t have to do anything other than love our son. ” – Matt

You can read on about why I consider your newborn my client.

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