Tips for documentary newborn sessions at home

With the rising popularity of perfectly orchestrated newborn photographs we forget the potential that photographs have in capturing real life, honest moments, and natural portraits. Through documentary pictures you can capture your bond, your dynamic, your devotion – and who you are as a family.

Here’s a few mindset shifts that will help capture those honest memories for your family:

1. Take a deep breath

We can control some parts of our lives, but trying to control the uncontrollable – outcomes of our actions or the actions of our loves ones – often leads to frustration.

So lean back, and breathe in that new baby smell.

2. Let this time in your life unfold on it’s own

Being a parent is a life-changing experience that can be quite exhausting. Why not show that in your pictures?

3. Let kids be kids, babies be babies

Parents easily get wrapped up in worrying that their kids aren’t “doing it right.” But I truly believe real is so much more interesting than perfect – and no family should have to change a thing to be photographed.

No need to worry about your baby crying in pictures, for example – all babies cry! I bet pictures of you comforting them will make for amazing memories.

4. Let your kids take the lead

If you’re unsure about what to do, engage with your kiddos and/or baby – you’ll care less and less about the camera as time goes on.

5.  Let your home be as is

Your home is the place where you spend the biggest chunk of your family time, and where most of your little one’s memories are formed. No need to clean up for the sake of the photographer or the pictures. This is a momentous time in your life, and you’re probably going to want to remember it just as it is.

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