Helpful resources for when want to document your family

As more and more families are hunkered down at home with kids – or planning their baby’s births now without photographers – I wanted to share some blog posts and mini guides that I’ve created for parents.

It is so important that you take pictures during this time if you have the bandwidth, even if it feels a bit odd. It’s part of our history, as a community and as individuals.

A Day In The Life Of Emilia And Carina | San Jose And San Francisco Bay Area Documentary Baby And Family Photographer

Baby and family photos at home

3 secrets to taking better pictures of your kiddos

There are a few simple things you can do to *instantly* improve the pictures you are taking of your kids – and these tips work whether you are using your “big camera” or your phone.

Pregnancy pictures at home

10 tips for taking natural maternity pictures at home

You might need to use the camera timer for some of them – but these tips can hopefully inspire you to get some simple maternity pictures at home.

Newborn pictures at home and at the hospital

3 tips to getting better pictures at the hospital

The perfect guide to hand over to your birth support person to look over and learn before the big day.

7 photo ideas for your newborn’s first 7 days

It can be hard to strike a balance between how many pictures to take and how much to just be present with your family during those first few days – I hope this list of 7 ideas will feel like a good representation of your time with a new baby. Snap one good one a day, and you’re good!

Photograph your newborn baby safely

To create pictures with some of the really popular newborn poses the photographer needs to have someone assisting them – the “froggy pose” being one of them. These assisting hands are later photoshopped out of the pictures. If you do want to take some pictures of your baby safely, this blog post offers some options.

Remember to hand over the camera to someone else often, so that you’re in the pictures, too.

Stay safe xx

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