How to hang mounted photographs

I always worry about what will happen to digital picture files with the constant change of technology, which is why I print personal pictures throughout the year.

I wanted to put a print up on the wall in our bedroom for a long time, but we could never quite settle on a photo that felt right. We finally decided which print to get – a black and white version of Nova sleeping in our bed during clean sheets day. I ordered it as a big mounted print (36×24 inches).

Photographs, Custom photo wall art, or other pieces mounted onto a black or whiteboard are a nice and sleek alternative to canvas prints – the print is a lot crisper and less textured than canvas prints.

Steps to hang a mounted print onto the wall:

Step 1. Place a self-adhesive picture hanger on the back of the mounted print.

Thanks to the large surface area these are quite strong, and you can get away with just one hanger for smaller prints. For larger wall art go with two adhesive hangers and a piece of wire or strong string in between them. I found these hangers on Amazon – I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else.

Measure to make sure that you are placing the hangers at equal distances from the corners – and leave space for the wire/string to bend a bit.

Step 2. “Float” the mounting material away from the wall.

The easiest solution is to use thick self-adhesive rubber bumpers that usually are used under furniture legs etc. Place one at each corner of the print a few inches toward the center to hide their appearance.

Step 3. Add a screw to the wall where you’d like to hang your piece.

Account for the placement of the hanger or wire/string in your measurements.

Step 4. Enjoy your art!


Seeing the print every day makes me so happy. The day we move somewhere else we can bring the memory of a carefree Nova with us. We’ll also have the picture of our clock which is showing the time we landed in San Francisco on the day we moved here – in case we ever decide to let go of the clock.

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