3 reasons an introvert photographer may be right for your family

If the thought of scrambling together matching outfits, packing up your entire family for a studio or outdoor location session, and trying to smile naturally in front of the camera while being directed feels a bit intimidating for you – an introvert photographer with a documentary approach might be just what you want.

1. Quiet family members will feel at ease

Being an introvert helps me connect with parents and kids that are also on the more quiet side, and who might be scared-to-death about working with a super extrovert photographer. Because I don’t make a big show during sessions, no one is put on the spot.

2. The sessions are relaxed

I’ve been told by doulas and parents that I bring a calm presence to sessions, which has been helpful whether there’s been a worrisome turn of events at the hospital or when parents are simply nervous about being in pictures. I match the mood in the room, and enjoy being the mostly quiet observer.

Mother taking a nap

3. I notice the little things

Because I am the quiet onlooker instead of the life of the party, I notice the little things. A mother’s gentle touch here, a toddler’s mini misbehavior there – and the pleading eyes of hungry four-legged family members.

Mom holding newborn baby, toddler sleeps on floor

All in all…

If you’ve worried that a traditional family photo session would be too stressful of an experience for your family, you might have a wonderful experience with an introvert photographer with a documentary approach.

You get to spend a relaxed, hassle-free day enjoying your family time – well as hassle-free it can get with kids! And of course you’ll get a photo book that you can’t wait to flip through year after year.

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