I can’t remember meeting my little sister for the first time

I was almost four years old when my sister was born. Honestly, I can’t remember a thing about meeting her for the first time . I don’t have any memories of seeing her at the hospital – maybe I didn’t? I have vague memories of my dad talking about bringing the baby home, but I don’t know if I was part of that transition all.

The first memory I have of my sister is me sitting in my childhood living room, feeding her with a bottle. I say “memory”, but I really cannot remember that moment – I just remember the photograph that I’ve seen from that day.

On the back of the photograph, it says “Nina 5 days, Jenna 3 years 9 months”.


I asked my mom about meeting my sister for the first time, and she was fairly sure I visited at the hospital. She went digging into the slide archives and found some pictures of me visiting her and baby at the hospital.

This is why photographs matter – even when siblings are “old enough to remember”, those memories fade away in the sea of other events. Document, print, and talk about these memories.

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