Naomi’s Documentary Newborn Detail Photos In San Francisco

In November last year I drove off to San Francisco to do a maternity session for Michaela and Josh in their home. They were so much fun – bantering and laughing together.  Fast forward a couple months and we got together for a newborn session for their brand new baby Naomi. And yes, these guys were still bantering and laughing together.

When Michaela and Josh told me that they do not want pictures of their daughter’s face online, I was super sad to be honest. They’re such a fun bunch and all yummy newborn yawns should be shared with the world, right?

It didn’t take long for me to realize that this restriction would push my creativity to find more details to focus on during the newborn session, in addition to taking pictures from my usual point of view.

I found a tiny hand resting on mom during nursing, small feet fighting to not slide down dad’s belly, and mom’s ever so gentle touch on delicious baby arm rolls. Even Michaela’s tippy-toes that I remember seeing during the maternity session, but didn’t give full attention to then.

This tiny window of time with this family showed me that I want to include more details like these in sessions.

Here are some thoughts from Michaela about the very early newborn time as well as a glimpse into how she is feeling now that things are getting into a routine with her husband back at work:

“When I pulled my daughter onto my chest for the first time I did not notice or care that she had pooped on me immediately after being born. I was relieved, in love, and in awe. She was all that mattered. That is how the first few weeks felt. 

I know there were many less than perfect moments but what I saw were the gifts.  I had the most supportive partner and family a new mother could ask for. My fantastic neighbors dropped off oatmeal cookies and lasagna. I had prepared for hardship and tears during the first few weeks of parenthood. There was a time I cried because I was too hungry to sleep and too tired to make breakfast. I also cried tears of gratitude and joy. I was overwhelmed with taking care of an infant and with love. Even though she pooped and cried, my baby was an angel.

Everyone told me to savor those moments and I did.  They were surreal and fleeting.  It was so special. Two months in and my days are solitary.  My evenings are boring.  Her smile is still magic.” – Michaela

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