Short natural sessions

“Jenna’s approach of just blending in with our family and capturing candid moments was exactly what we were looking for. The shoot yielded absolutely beautiful shots that show our toddler’s personality and what it feels like to be around her at this age.” -Elise

A 2-4 hour session is great for maternity, newborn, baby, kids, milestone and family photography. Mommy and me sessions, kids with their BFFs, or an afternoon with grandparents are also great options. In-home sessions are most popular, but outdoor sessions are great, too!

Thanks to the documentary/photojournalistic approach, all you need to do is concentrate on spending quality time with your loved ones. These types of sessions work great for families that do not like posing or dressing up for pictures, but who appreciate the beauty that’s found in their everyday.

Available for natural in-home as well as on location sessions in San Francisco Bay Area, South Bay, East Bay and beyond. Based in San Jose, but available to travel!

Packages that include digital files and a photo book (or book’s value towards prints) are between $1,275-$1,775. You can also build your own package à la carte.


The kicks, the excitement, the exhaustion – and the swollen feet – are getting real, you guys. What would you like to capture from this time in you baby’s journey?

Prepping the nursery, talking to the older siblings about their expectations, or sharing some lemon tea with your loved ones are all great ways to make pictures of your pregnancy while incorporating your real life into them.

Fresh 48 newborn

“We weren’t sure if we wanted a photographer present during such intimate family moments, but we are so grateful to have such incredible photographs of our first steps together as a family.” -Naomi&Sam

If you’re not comfortable enough to have your birth* photographed, a natural session during the first 48 hours of your baby’s life is perfect for you. I wish I could spread newborn yawns on a cracker – I sometimes don’t leave a session until I have a perfect yawn shot!

What would these pictures capture? You discovering those squishy baby cheeks, siblings meeting the little one, grandparents watching over them ever-so-proudly, or a rebellious foot stubbornly kicking out of the swaddle every. single. time.

Just enjoy your new baby, and be yourself.

What to expect from your Fresh 48 newborn session

* I’m currently not booking births

Header | Lena's tiny feet | San Jose newborn photographer

Newborn session (in-home)

“The best part about the session was that we didn’t have to do anything other than love our son.” -Kristin&Matt

Natural photos of your bundle of joy, screams, and baby yawns – before time catches up to the next milestone. The images will show your kids what their first home was like, how you cherished them right from the start as well as how utterly exhausting it can be to have a new “roommate” move in.

What to expect from your newborn session


The beauty with documentary sessions is that there’s no need to make your kids “behave”. They get to be their awesome selves, to dress like they always do, and to spend quality time with you – which I know is rare in the busy life we lead.

I have a secret to share with you; all kids act crazy sometimes! But in all seriousness – if you embrace who each individual in your family is, you will love pictures that show off their personalities.

The photos will remind you and your kids of a slice of life – not a photo session.

What to expect from your family session

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Other life events

Celebrations, camping trips, laundromat days – anything and everything is worth documenting.