As mothers we put a lot of value in capturing our kids (or dogs...) in photographs. I want to encourage you to make photographs of You a priority, too. The thought might seem intimidating, because society gives us the wrong idea about what is beautiful – and about what we should prioritize. But how tomorrow's women feel about themselves starts with how brave the women around them are today.


Women who value themselves.


Women who embrace their "imperfections".


Women who celebrate who they are, and how they came to be where they are right now.


Women who carry wisdom in their eyes, strength in their fingertips, and kindness in their hearts.


Women who support the other women in their lives, who applaud the women they see kicking butt out in the world.


Wherever you are in life right now, I would love to help you celebrate by creating beautiful portraits that you can hand down to your kids one day – photographs that aren't selfies.

Black and white portrait of smiling woman with freckles

"Especially now that I’m a mother, I find it’s easy for me to see the beauty in the life that I’m building. My kids, my family, my career; all the things I care about and devote my time to. I often don't get a chance to be shown the same thing in myself, but these photos did just thaT." - Megan, mom of one

Black and white portrait of blonde woman with freckles


I aim to make portraits that look like you – and aren’t a big production to create. Just you, me, and my trusted camera. The less makeup, the better.


We'll walk around out in nature, look for spots with beautiful light. We'll talk and hang out, and I'll take photos as they present themselves. I aim for minimal posing, which might feel a bit uncomfortable - at first! Once we get into a groove, the photographs will follow.

Black and white portrait of woman with wavy hair
Black and white portrait of smiling woman


We might spend anywhere between 1-3 hours together.


Four 6x9 fine art prints in 16x16 or 16x20 mats


Download of digital files

Black and white portrait of curly-haired woman with freckles

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