How photo books can showcase your story

By now it’s no surprise that I’m a huge advocate for printed products. Whether you worry about a hard drive failing, your phone getting lost, or files getting corrupted so bad that they can’t be viewed anymore – it’s all irrelevant. Because digital files more often than not just sit there, on the hard drive.

Day in and day out.

You may have paid a lot of money for them, and it feels safe to have them on your hard drive, your backup hard drive, in your cloud storage system.

But you often have to make a conscious effort to look at digital pictures. Printed pictures can be looked at every single day.

Just seeing pictures on your wall as you walk in will bring you back to that memory for a bit.

But – the reason I’m a super fan of photo books and albums is that you can tell a bigger story than in one wall print. You can mix in the rough and the struggles with the funny and the pretty. You can throw in some in-between moments that you might not see as large wall art, but that are still important parts of your story.

Together all that results in something that’s uniquely you – and your stories can be stacked on the coffee table.

When families pick their favorite photos for the photo book, they quite often go for a large portion the not-so-obvious pictures – which really is thrilling! It means that slowly but surely parents are opening up – or rather, embracing! – the fact that life isn’t always pretty – but it’s dang beautiful.

These are pictures from Aashi’s newborn session in her San Francisco home – am so excited to send the book off!

Read on for tips on how to pick pictures for your photo book.

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