How to pick a newborn photographer part 4 | Discussing details

Once you’ve picked your Fresh 48 or newborn photographer, discussing the details surrounding your session is important. This way you’ll ensure everything will go smoothly when you’re sleep deprived – and maybe not on top of the small details.

This tip is different depending on which style of newborn photography you are going for.

Posed newborn session

If you are going for a posed newborn session with props, you may want to discuss using colors that will complement the decor in your home or nursery. Make sure you get instructions on how to prepare for the session, for example when to feed the baby and if you need to bring anything with you.

Lifestyle newborn session

If you are going for a lifestyle session, ask the photographer which room(s) would be best to use so that you can clear those out – unless you are going to their studio space or location. Make sure you also get recommendations for what to wear, if the photographer isn’t providing wardrobe.

Documentary newborn session

If you are going for a documentary newborn session, think about what you want to capture. Invite the photographer over for baby’s first bath, for their first day at home, grandparents visiting – or maybe their first few hours after birth to capture you loving on them or a sibling meeting them for the first time.

Final thoughts

Simply put, make sure you know what you can expect from your newborn session with your photographer. This way you will be much more relaxed going into it, and don’t need to worry about anything because they’ve given you helpful instructions.

I hope that these tips have been helpful!

If you’d like to talk about booking a session with me, you can send me a message through my contact page.

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