Rangefinder’s Family Photography Awards 2018 Winner!

It’s been a few months since I got the news that I was one of the Rangefinder Magazine Family Photography Awards winners for 2018. I did not really know how to put my excitement to words, which lead to this blog post just sitting here, waiting for my fingers to get back to the keyboard one day.

I think what excited me the most was that I find that perfectly orchestrated pictures often trump real life images in photography contests, which is so crazy to me! Real life is so beautiful, with all it’s messyness and unpredictableness. So I am beyond grateful that one of my documentary family pictures was picked.

The image at the bottom of the left page is mine, from a morning in the life family session.

Being featured in the Prints issue of the magazine could not be more fitting, since I fiercely believe that families need prints and photo books to pass on as the kids grow older. Digital files just aren’t in this thing for the long haul, whether it’s files getting corrupted or files getting forgotten about on older and older hard drives.

So I’m very excited about owning a printed version of this magazine, and have sent the featured family one as well. Thank you Chung family for trusting me with your memories!

Check out the other winners in the digital magazine here.

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