Simple photography business part 1: Equipment

Applying minimalism to our photography work does not mean that we have to function on bare bones with as little gear as possible, never travel to conferences, or purchase classes – it’s more about being able to differentiate the essential tools from excess things.

The newest camera body, the sharpest lens, the shiniest laptop… The more things you collect, the more things you will notice are “missing”.

Tips for simplifying gear and software:

1. What equipment do you use most of the time?

According to the 80/20 rule, you most likely use about 20% of the equipment you own for 80% of the time. Can you let some of the other 80% go? This results in less build-up of clutter, less items to maintain, and less things to lug around to sessions “just in case”.

2. Are you subscribed to newsletters, magazines and blogs that have a tendency to give you shiny object syndrome?


3. Benefits of sticking with your trusted gear

Working with the same equipment and software allows you to keep your work consistent. Not to say that evolving and playing around isn’t good for your art – but trying to do new things with the equipment you know better than the back of your hand might challenge you in ways that new equipment wouldn’t.

4. Will new software make your current workflow faster/simpler/more effective?

If it feels like things will get more complicated, or if the software is just a shiny new object to test out, you are better off without it.

When you are clear about what you really need, you are less tempted to keep growing your collection – and you’ll be more satisfied with the gear and software you have or acquire.

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