Simple photography business part 3: Marketing strategies

We are bombarded with the noise of all these things we “should” be doing to make our photography or business a success. What nobody seems to tell you is, if you’re doing all these shoulds – but they don’t align with your vision, values, or personality – you’re doing yourself more harm than good!

Things to think about:

1. How do you like to show up in the world?

Maybe you’re connecting with people really well through Instagram, or maybe you love networking with people at local events.

2. How would the people I want to work with want to be approached?

What do they care about, what do they want to know, how do they want to consume this information – and where do they hang out?

3. Who do I want to connect with?

Are there professionals around you that you feel share your values and client base?

4. What is the best way you can connect with someone who inquires about a session?

Email, phone call, video call, coffee… What feels most natural, easy, and fun for you? Feeling comfortable will help you when you’re talking about your services (= selling your work).

5. How can you keep delighting your current&past clients?

What can you do, so that they’ll want to work with you again?

When you do what suits you best, you’ll show up in a genuine way and attract the clients that you want to work with.

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