Simple photography business part 4: Clients and your work

When money is tight, it is hard to not accept any kind of session that comes your way . But if we aren’t picky about what type of photography we do, we end up getting more and more work that might not be consistent with what it is we want to provide our clients.

This can turn into resentment towards the work we do, which makes the quality suffer.

How can you be a minimalist about your clients and photography?

1 – Only show the kind of work that you want to shoot on your website and social media – even if you are doing other kinds of photography to fill in your revenue needs.

2 – Work with clients that appreciate the work you do, and who let you lead the way.

3 – Charge the kind of pricing that takes price shoppers out of the equation – the people that hire you will truly value your art.

4 – Only offer a few key products that you love. If a client has a very custom request, you can always figure that out case by case.

It is hard to say “no” – but!

Once you feel really good about the work that you do and clear out the work that doesn’t feel right, you will be so much more inspired to keep going and providing your clients with your best work.

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