10 steps to time travel

Step 1: Realize that this is a time in your life that you would like to time-travel back to

Step 2: Find a documentary photographer in your area who’s style you like

Step 3: Send the photographer a gushing note, and they will be so very excited to help you on your time travel project

Step 4: Hand over some green to ensure the photographer will take on the time travel project

Step 5: Be yourself, let your kids be their awesome selves, and enjoy your family’s life while the photographer collects memories for the project

Step 6: Wait patiently for the photographer to work their magic on your memories

Father comforting toddler to sleep

Step 7: Curl up together with your family; laugh and cry as you go back to your memories

Step 8: Order photo books and prints, to make sure you have tangible vessels for time travel all around your home

Step 9: Review your photographer so that other families may find a suitable time travel buddy for them

Step 10: Plan for the next memory you would like to time-travel back to.

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