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I wanted to share some blog posts that might be helpful if you are looking for something to do around your family photos.

How to pick pictures for a photo book or album

Picking your favorite pictures for a photo book or album can be a blast – but also quite overwhelming! Photo books are a great way to showcase pictures from a documentary baby or family session, and there are a few things I like to keep in mind when I put them together.

Maybe the whole family can join in on the fun of picking photos for a book?

What size prints should I get?

I get asked for print and frame size recommendations a lot by photography clients, so I took a moment (or seven) to research what looks good to me.  As I see it, the size of prints and frames depends largely on how you use the photos!

How to hang mounted photographs

Photographs mounted onto a black or whiteboard are a nice and sleek alternative to canvas prints – and I have a step-by-step guide to hanging them here.

How to declutter your photos in a Konmari-ish way

Marie Kondo’s principles aren’t really about minimalism. They’re about preserving the things that make you happy and letting go of the things that are distracting you from the good stuff – which makes organizing your things and being tidy easier. Maybe this modification could work for you?

How to organize your photo files to find them easily in a few easy steps

Because I was VERY unorganized with my photos before I became a photographer, I thought there might be others out there who would like a better way to organize photos. So let’s get to the steps!

How to take care of your prints and photo books

Once you get your hands on your photo books and prints, you should make sure that they last beyond your lifetime. Here are some tips from the labs that I use for prints and books.

Do you have any questions around pictures and photo books? Let me know in the comments!

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