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Unposed Baby Photography

A beginner workbook for parents who find real life more interesting.

I believe real life pictures have a place in our albums and on our walls, so we can go back to those moments whenever we want to. No one can have a photographer follow them 24/7, which is why I felt compelled to write this book for parents who want to take better pictures.

The full workbook covers themes like light, composition, and the habits we have to let go of to be able to take natural pictures of our loved ones.

“I’ve had a camera for a few years and used it off and on. Whenever I would attempt to capture special moments with it, they never turned out quite right. Having recently had a baby, my camera skills became very important. I really wanted to use this workbook to learn how to photograph my baby in action as she grows. I love Jenna’s photography and thought if I could be a tenth as good as she is, I’d be happy.

Going through the workbook was fun, easy, and enlightening. Each chapter and exercise made me consider an aspect of photography that I used to take for granted. I learned that if I moved around, tried different angles, and remembered a few tips and guidelines, I would take better photographs. When I posted my results for feedback, Jenna would suggest a few things to try to improve even further. I used to think photography was too hard and that I was hopeless. Now, I can take photos that I am proud of and will treasure for a lifetime.

I recommend the workbook to anyone that wants take pictures of a special little one in their life, especially if they’re interested in candid shots in a natural style that you’ll be proud to share.”


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