3 benefits of hiring an introvert newborn photographer

Have you been holding off on booking a newborn session for your family?

You want pictures of the first moments with your new baby, but the thought of posing in front of an outgoing photographer bellowing “Cheese!” makes you imagine a hoard of deer in headlights.

Maybe you found a photographer with a documentary approach, which means no posing or forced smiles – YAY!

But maybe your partner does not see the point in having a stranger share in such an intimate experience with your family – what could the benefits of that be? Maybe you also worry about how your shy toddler would react to a photographer in the room.

An introvert photographer might be the solution for your family, because…

1. Everyone will feel at ease

Because I don’t make a big show during sessions, no one is put on the spot. There is no “right way” to act or be during my sessions – everyone can simply do what comes naturally to them.

I’ve lost count of how many parents have told me they felt like I was just a friend who was just hanging out while taking pictures, and that after a while they kind of almost forgot about the camera.

2. The sessions are low-key

I match the mood in the room, and enjoy being the mostly quiet observer. Because kids aren’t being told what to do or told to “behave”, they usually feel comfortable fairly quickly and return back to their usual antics.

A dad once wrote that the best part about their newborn session was that they didn’t have to do anything other than love their son. That is exactly how I want everyone to feel during their session; that all they had to do was to be present with their families.

3. I notice the little things

Because I am the quiet onlooker instead of the life of the party, I notice the little things that happen between family members even when I haven’t met them before. A mother’s gentle touch here, a toddler’s mini misbehavior there – or an embrace when others might have their attention focused elsewhere.

These are often things that others might overlook as photographable.

I did a Fresh 48 session last year, where everyone’s eyes were on the toddler. He was excited to hold his little brother for the first time. Because I knew mom was nervous about how her oldest would react, I turned around to see how she was doing – just in time to capture her happy tears.

It is also completely impossible for parents to photograph these moments, if they themselves are in the moment!

All in all…

If you’ve worried that a studio newborn session would be too stressful of an experience for your family, you might have a wonderful experience if you choose an introvert photographer with a documentary approach. You get to spend the day discovering your new baby as you naturally would – and you get pictures that you can’t wait to hang up on your walls.

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